February 3, 2018

RIM Calls on Disciples to Support Family Unity and Protect Dreamers

This week, Congress has been negotiating legislation that would protect dreamers, but some proposals are using dreamers as a "bargaining chip" to separate families or undercut other community members. As Congress considers legislation to protect dreamers, it is critical that our national leaders prioritize proposals that reflect our commitment to family unity and offer a pathway to citizenship for as many dreamers as possible - without jeopardizing other immigrant populations. Our elected leaders also need to hear that their constituents urge them to oppose any proposal that would prevent family unification, deprive dreamers of an opportunity to pursue a pathway to citizenship, or increase the immigration detention, deportation, and border militarization machine.

Take action today and tell Congress to support the Dream Act or another bipartisan legislative solution that protects as many dreamers possible - without compromising family unity or our immigrant neighbors. You will receive a phone call and be patched through to your 2 Senators and 1 Representative.

Here's a sample script: "I am your constituent from [CITY/TOWN], and [as a person of faith] I urge the Representative/Senator to oppose H.R. 4760, the Securing America's Future Act, or any proposal that would create a permanent underclass in America, separate families, and remove protections for asylum seekers. Proposals that dismantle opportunities for family reunification are diametrically opposed to who we are as communities of faith. I urge your boss to support the Dream Act or another bipartisan legislative solution that offers a pathway to citizenship for as many dreamers as possible - without compromising family unity or other immigrant populations, such as H.R.4796, the Uniting and Securing America (USA) Act, which is narrowly tailored to protect dreamers and address a data-driven approach to border security. My community welcomes and values immigrants, and we urge you to do the same."

Please call your Members of Congress today and tweet the same message !Sample posts below:
${"["}@legislator]: As a nation, we promised to protect dreamers and H.R.4760 fails to do so. Take a stand and pass the Dream Act or another bipartisan solution like the USA Act, and oppose any legislation that prevents family unification. #DreamActNow
${"["}@legislator]: As my representative, I urge you to reflect my community's welcome for immigrants by opposing H.R.4760 and any legislation that harms and separates their families #HereToStay
${"["}@legislator]: The sanctity of family unity is a fundamental American value. We must oppose legislation that seeks to undermine it, and support solutions that protect dreamers and their families. #DreamActNow
${"["}@legislator]: 17,000 dreamers have already lost status, and 122 more will lose protections every day. We must pass a permanent legislative solution that protects them without jeopardizing other immigrant communities.

For advocacy questions, contact: Rev. Dr. Sharon Stanley-Rea, Director, Disciples Refugee & Immigration Ministries,, 202-957-7826. Also please visit RIM’s webpage []

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