February 3, 2018

Victory: Poultry Industry Efforts to Loosen Needed Regulations Rejected by USDA

The Disciples Center for Public Witness joins its ecumenical and interfaith partners in celebrating the USDA Decision to reject the Poultry Industry’s Push to End Line Speed Limits.


* The Government Accountability Office released a report in December of 2017 that confirmed that forcing lines to move faster will expose poultry workers to higher rates of injuries and illnesses.

* In addition to worker risks, countries with higher line speeds have higher rates of foodborne contamination in poultry plants.

* The USDA received 100,000 comments in just a few months – and almost all but a handful opposed this petition.

The Disciples Center for Public Witness participated in coalition with Interfaith Worker Justice and other people of faith in supporting line speed limits, informing people of faith about this situation, participating in public actions to draw attention to this concern, and using social media to encourage Disciples and others to participate in the comment process.

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