March 4, 2018

Florida Youth Director Counsels Youth After Parkland Shooting

Alyssa Sikora, Youth Director at Royal Palm Christian Church in Coral Springs, Florida, helped the Parkland youth from her congregation process the trauma they experienced in the school shooting on Feb. 14. She also did an absolutely amazing job in debriefing the youth at the Florida Regional CYF Retreat, via a video meeting! She used her own experience and expertise, along with her compassion, to provide an excellent opportunity for the youth to begin to process this tragedy. We are so incredibly proud of the students in their community for speaking and marching in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. These youth are getting people to listen. Though our country is still divided on various issues, there is finally some openness to DO something. We are grateful for how they are channeling their grief and trauma into action and change for good. May we continue to surround this community in our prayers.

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