June 29, 2018


I feel called to journey to the border, and to stand on soil saturated with the tears of mothers, and to feel air that has been bombarded with the anguished cries of separated children. God has called me here to witness the reliving of an ugly American story of dehumanization, first of Native/First Nation people, then enslaved Africans, followed by the internment of Japanese people, all at the hands of self-described Christians functioning as operatives of the oppressive policies of US Government. This history of institutional evil and dehumanization must not be repeated again. Scripture is clear about our responsibility to the sojourner, the stranger: we are called to care for, love, and welcome them. This administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy, enacted specifically towards black and brown communities, is antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and must be stopped now. As an adoptive mother who has walked with my precious daughter through periods of separation, trauma and grief, and journeyed through the marathon-like mental and spiritual healing process with her, my heart is broken for these tender children who at best may be experiencing impersonal care, and at worst, indifference. As we stand in the name of a loving Savior, our witness at the border is a signal to the wielders of power and policy that the world is watching them, and that we demand both the immediate recognition of the God-given dignity of these children and the swift reunification of families.

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